Hades Redemption


I just found out that the Greek Gods are real and still very much in control of our world. And, thanks to some mistakes made by my ancestors, I've been promised to Hades as his new bride.

After being whisked away to a secluded castle with every luxury I could ever want, they finally told me the truth. It's my job to make Hades fall in love with me. I have one year or else everyone I know and love will be punished for my failure.

They say I'm the beauty sent to break a centuries old curse. The problem is... this beast wants nothing to do with me.

Mafia Wars

I was sold to my enemies.
And not just my enemies. I was sold to monsters.
I should know all about how to survive monsters though, I come from a family of them. We aren't Butchers in name only, after all.
I'm shipped away to New York City to the powerful head of the Costa Nostra, the Rossi Family.
My first meeting with them is bloody and wild, just like they are.
Lucian, Raphael, and Gabriel Rossi...they own me now. And they won't let me forget it.
A dahlia has always bloomed best in the light, but they're determined to keep me in the dark.
The thing they don't realize is that I'm more than what I seem.
It's a race to the ending, me against them.
They want to ruin me. And I'm afraid I just might like it.


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The Fated Wings Series

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The Sound of Us


Darkest Curse

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