Real wolves bite...

Hades Redemption

Hades and Persephone.
Everyone knows the story.

How he met her and immediately fell in love.
How because of that tiny pomegranate seed she spent half of the seasons in the Underworld, and the rest here on Earth.

No one mentions the part of the story where she left him.
No one mentions that she shattered his heart.
And no one ever mentions that Hades was cursed after that.

I’ve just found out that I’m the next girl to be offered to him in an effort to break the curse.

The goal is supposed to be simple.
Fall in love with Hades.

The Fates just never considered he might not love me back.

A Hades Retelling like nothing you've read before....

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The Sound of Us Series

They are idols to millions worldwide. I hear their names whispered in the hallways and blasted through the radio. Their faces are never far from the television screen, tormenting me with images of what I gave up.

To everyone else, they're unattainable rockstars, the music gods who make up The Sound of Us. But to me? They'll always be the boys I lost.

I broke all our hearts when I refused to follow them to L.A., convinced I would only bring them down. Years later, after I’ve succumbed to a monster, and my life has become something out of a nightmare, they are back.

I'm no longer the girl they left behind. But what if I’ve become the woman they can’t forget?

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